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2017 National Regatta Awards

Published on 5/1/2018

2017 E-Scow National Championship
Hosted by the Carolina Yacht Club in Charleston SC
Won by Harry Melges IV and crew of: Finn Rowe, Jeremy Wilmot, Patrick Wilson

These results are preliminary because of possible appeals on two abandoned races.


Full Results

All 2017 Awards Presented
Rookie Scott Norris KU-15 Keuka
Masters Lee Alnes W-25 White Bear
Youth Skipper Harry Melges IV I-1 Lake Geneva
Road Warrior Eddie Cox W-66 White Bear
National Rankings Champion Vincent Porter I-2 Lake Geneva
First Finishing Woman Trophy Annie Rowe I-49 Lake Geneva
Woman’s Corinthian Chrisy Hughes M-42 Minnetonka
Woman Skipper Kelly McGlynn LE-13 Little Egg Harbor
Colie Service Award Ashley Hahn-Bryne HO-59 Hopatcong
Team Champion - (Torch Lake award) Harry Melges IV I-1 Lake Geneva
Brian Porter I-49 Lake Geneva
Vincent Porter I-2 Lake Geneva
Pete Strothman I-9 Lake Geneva
Race Winners:
Keuka Trophy – Winner Race-1 Brett Hatton SL-4 Spring Lake
Iver C. Johnson Trophy - Winner Race-2 Harry Melges IV I-1 Lake Geneva
BBYRA Trophy - Winner Race-3 Russ Lucas BH-8 Bay Head
Pewaukee Trophy - Winner Race-4 Harry Meges IV I-1 Lake Geneva
Chautauqua Trophy - Winner Race-5 Eric Bowers M-11 Minnetonka
NCESA Trophy - Winner Race-6 Vincent Porter I-2 Lake Geneva
Top Ten Finishes: Crew
1 - Harry Melges IV (Bilge Puller's Trophy) Finn Rowe I-1 Lake Geneva
Jeremy Wilmot
Patrick Wilson
(Robert E. Weldon Trophy)
2 - Brian Porter RJ Porter I-49 Lake Geneva
Colin Rowe
Annie Rowe
3 - Vincent Porter Cifford Porter I-2 Lake Geneva
Coye Harrett
Kyle Navin
4 - Sam Rogers Chrisy Hughes M-42 Minnetonka
Tony Jewett
Paris Henken
5 - Eddie Cox Will Crary W-66 White Bear
Ed Cox
Kelly Monahan
6 - Jeff Bonanni Christopher Bigos T-73 Toms River
Charlie McKensie
Will Demand
7 - Eric Bowers Mark Woldum M-11 Minnetonka
Dan Morris
8 - Chad Hillyer Carl Horrocks T-17 Toms River
Ryan Bailey
Kelly Hillyer
9 - Kevin Jewett Carolina Jewett GA-8 Hobcaw Yacht Club
David McSweeney
August Dale-Jewett
Ward Jewett
10 - Pete Strothman Corbett Porter I-9 Lake Geneva
Bri Porter
Hannah Baylis

Full Results

All 2017 Awards Presented