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E Scow Up Bay Challenge Cup 7/28/2018


Toms River Yacht Club hosted the E Scow Challenge Cup on what was predicted to be a light easterly breeze. The regatta first warning was scheduled for 12 noon. The wind conditions improved throughout the afternoon, averaging 8 knots. However, current and the shifty breeze of Barnegat Bay made for challenging and tactical racing. The 12 boat fleet competed at the highest level. First AND second place were determined by a tie break and were separated by only 1 point! 1st place, Carl Horrocks, 2nd Place, Jeff Bonanni, 3rd Place, Bobby Koar. The full results are posted on Regatta Network.



Report Submitted by Nancy Rogachenko PRO, RRO US Sailing

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Series Standing - 4 races scored
Information is final.
Regatta results last updated: Saturday, July 28, 2018 3:33:33 PM CDT
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Pos,Sail, Boat, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points
R1 R2 R3 R4 Tot
1.T-17 Hunter Carl Horrocks TRYC 2 7 1 3 13T
2.T-73 Limelight Jeff Bonanni TRYC 4 4 4 1 13T
3.BH-22 Faster Horses Bobby Koar BHYC 1 3 6 4 14T
4.T-37 Blind Squirrel Jack Brown TRYC 5 5 2 2 14T
5.LA-88 Fast Break Paul Magno LYC 6 2 5 5 18
6.T-76 HONK Kyle Rogachenko TRYC 7 6 3 8 24
7.T-18 Showtime Clay Johnson TRYC 3 1 13/DNS 13/DNS 30
8.IH-18 Slacktide Kirby & Kelsey Slack IHYC 8 9 9 7 33
9.LE-13 BloodE Kelly McGlynn LEHYC 9 8 8 10 35
10.BH-21 Glory Days Brendan Gilman BHYC 10 10 7 9 36
11.T-1 Eraser Bill Warner TRYC 11 11 10 6 38
12.T-4 Big E Racing Joseph Thorpe TRYC 13/DNC 13/DNC 13/DNC 13/DNC 52